About Bug Bam!

Bug Bam Products LLC is the official global manufacturer and North American distributor of the proven Bug Bam! range of mosquito repelling products.

Our mission: to develop, produce, and distribute a range of premium, highly effective, safe and family friendly products that simultaneously help people, pets and the environment.

Originally created by Australian Entrepreneur, Joseph Symond in 1997, the Bug Bam range of natural repellents has evolved to become one of the most popular natural repellents in the world, scientifically tested and proven to help fight mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects.

Bug Bam is focused on bringing public awareness to the problems created by mosquitoes, and has a firm commitment to social responsibility as a cornerstone of Bug Bam’s day-to-day business strategy.

The companys focus is continually building mutually successful partner and affiliate distribution strategies, improving the product range and effectiveness, and most importantly, cultivating consumer enthusiasm for Bug Bam’s products.

Our ultimate goal is that the Bug Bam range will successfully help people all over the world in the fight against mosquitoes.