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Interested in Distributing or Reselling Bug Bam Products?

Don’t be fooled by cheap Chinese imitations. Bug Bam is the ONLY credible, all natural insect repellent supported by both scientific and real world evidence of its efficacy.

As the #1 natural repellent in the world, not only does Bug Bam work, but it is also the least expensive, scientifically proven repellent on the market  today.

If you’re thinking of re-selling ‘cheap citronella wristbands’ from China, think again. Ask for their scientific data supporting the products efficacy. They don’t have it! You only get ONE chance to make a good impression. Why make that impression with cheap, unproven, fly-by-night products that will cost you more than you estimate in the long run, by losing valuable business?

You will quickly find that Bug Bam is the ONLY natural repellent brand that can provide over 18-years of valuable brand recognition, credibility and support. 

If you are a distributor, wholesaler or retailer wishing to purchase Bug Bam Products for re-sale, please feel free to contact us

REMINDER TO OUR RE-SALE CUSTOMERS: Bug Bam Products LLC will only warranty product purchased directly from us or one of our currently approved wholesalers/retailers. We will not warranty product sold by any party where that product is over 2 years old or no longer have an agreement with us to distribute. Before buying, please check with us.

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