Are Bug Bam products EPA approved?

The EPA has a category for repellents called 'minimum risk products'. These products must meet five conditions as follows:
  • Condition 1: The product's active ingredients must only be those that are listed in 40 CFR 152.25(f)(1).
  • Condition 2: The product's inert ingredients may only be those that have been classified by EPA as:
    • Listed in 40 CFR 152.25(f)(2)
    • commonly consumed food commodities, animal feed items, and edible fats and oils as described in 40 CFR 180.950(a), (b), and (c); and
    • certain chemical substances listed under 40 CFR 180.950(e).
  • Condition 3: All of the ingredients (both active and inert) must be listed on the label. The active ingredient(s) must be listed by label display name and percentage by weight. Each inert ingredient must be listed by label display name.
  • Condition 4: The product must not bear claims either to control or mitigate organisms that pose a threat to human health, or insects or rodents carrying specific diseases.
  • Condition 5: The name of the producer or the company for whom the product was produced and the company’s contact information must be displayed prominently on the product label.
  • Condition 6: The label cannot include any false or misleading statements.

A product that meets all of these five conditions then is exempted from regulation under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), i.e., the pesticide product does not need to be registered with EPA. 

As our products meet all 5 conditions of a minimum risk product, Bug Bam Products LLC warrants that their products qualify for exemption from EPA registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.

How does Bug Bam work?

Each Bug Bam product camouflages the user for up to 100-hours by emitting an ‘aura’ of all natural, plant-based essential oils. This 100% natural and non-toxic scent is strong enough to mask the odors we humans emit that attract insects, effectively making the wearer smell like a plant and completely invisible to mosquitoes and other flying, biting bugs!. Better than a regular repellent, without any mess or hazards, Bug Bam stops the bugs from wanting to bite you. 

How it works!

Mosquitoes are attracted to scent, Co2 and other gases and odors emitted by humans and animals.

Bug Bam product works by releasing a scent that camouflages the user/wearer. Mosquitoes and flying, biting insects can no longer locate the person wearing Bug Bam and fly elsewhere to seek a blood meal.

What testing has Bug Bam done?

Bug Bam is the ONLY range of, solid, all-natural (active ingredients) bug repellents with the scientific evidence proving efficacy of the actual finished product! Bug Bam is also 100% in control of our manufacturing process from sourcing of our all natural raw materials to production and packaging of the finished product, and we do almost everything in-house in the USA. Bug Bam is the only company in our industry who can make such a claim.

The efficacy of Bug Bam's proprietary formulation in the Bug Bam products has been proven successful in repelling mosquitoes, as well as preventing/reducing bites for up to 100-hours.

Additionally, Bug Bam products also undergo real-world testing every day, with many of our customers reporting in from around the world on a regular basis from suburban households to exotic locales such as the Amazon Jungle and the Kokoda Trail in PNG! We use all of this information to improve our products constantly.

The proprietary Bug Bam formulation has been tested and found to be minimal irritant to the eyes, and non-irritant to the skin. In this case, we test the raw liquid formula, so as to ensure even our undiluted materials are safe before being diluted into our synthetic latex material (which only makes them safer).

What is Bug Bam made of?

All Bug Bam repelling products' active ingredients are made of EPA compliant/FDA GRAS, 100% natural, food-grade essential oils impregnated into a band, grid or tag made of an EPA/FDA compliant material. For our Canadian customers, Bug Bam DOES NOT contain Methyl Eugenol.

Neither the color nor the material we use is considered part of the repellent itself, just a unique type of ‘container’ for carrying our proprietary, 100% natural repelling formula (scent) which is encapsulated inside the 'container' using our proprietary process.

Once the repellent is gone, the 'container' (wristband, grid or pet tag) can be disposed of/recycled.

Our 'inert' material is actually a food-grade ‘synthetic latex‘ which was developed as an alternative to natural latex due to the high number of allergy sufferers allergic to natural latex.

Is DEET really that dangerous?

DEET is designed for direct application to people’s skin to repel insects. After it was developed by the U.S. Army in 1946, DEET was registered for use by the general public in 1957. 

While proven effective, we recommend only use DEET as a last resort, and if this is the case, a 50% concentration will suffice as there is no added benefit to higher concentrations; just increased risk of an adverse reaction. DEET ‘melts’ plastics and synthetic fibres, so it is not good for your skin. Indeed, there are numerous instances of skin scarring when using this neuro toxin especially for women and children over prolonged periods.

DEET should never be used on children under 2-months of age.

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine reports in a test on pregnant women using DEET in their second and third trimesters, DEET was found in 8% of cord blood samples, indicating that it crossed the placenta.

Many holidaymakers mistakenly attribute DEET poisoning symptoms for those of food poisoning!

How does Bug Bam compare to other ‘natural’ repellents?

When comparing other ‘natural or naturally derived repellents’ with Bug Bam, here is what to consider:

1) Bug Bam is the ONLY 100% natural (active ingredients) repelling product on the market using a 100%, all natural proprietary formulation (the 'active ingredients') created by the company’s founder and Australian, Joseph Symond. Our formula is not licensed from a third party person, company, or University.

2) Bug Bam is the ONLY range of 100% naturally formulated (active ingredients) ’solid’ repellents with data supporting effectiveness of each finished product. No other brand of naturally formulated repellents can provide such evidence of the final product actually being effective. Most will show you the test results of their liquid formula before being put into a solid material, which will dilute the formulation.

3) Bug Bam has rapidly become one of the most trusted global brands in naturally formulated bug repellents. Other natural repelling products have no brand support, no reputation, and almost all are sourced from the same ‘no-name’ factories in China and custom branded. Others have jumped on the bug repellent band wagon in the hopes of attracting your hard-earned dollar and claim to have a new ground breaking way via which to keep mosquitoes at bay - when all they have done is duplicate what we already do, and do well. Bug Bam sources its own materials, has it’s own factories with it’s own workers in the USA, and all we make is Bug Bam!

4) As a company, all we do are Bug Bam repelling products. That’s it 24/7. We don't make cleaning supplies or anything else. Which is why we’re the best at what we do.

6) The bottom line is Bug Bam is the original, and still the best.

7) There is no substitute. Go for something proven to work. Go for Bug Bam!

Is Bug Bam safe?

Used as directed, our products are safe and easy to use. Bug Bam products use only EPA/FDA GRAS compliant ingredients and materials. Our raw formulation has also been tested minimal irritant to the eyes (the lowest possible), and non-irritant to the skin.

Bug Bam products release only a strong (but pleasant) scent which is used to keep insects from biting.

Unlike candles, sprays, torches and coils which burn or spray ALL of their (chemical, color, active AND inert) ingredients into the atmosphere, nothing is released from a Bug Bam but the 100% natural scent of essential oils.

Just like the hundreds of millions of ’cause’ wristbands people wear every day, the color and material used in all Bug Bam products NEVER leaves the actual product. Once the smell has completely been spent (after 100 hours), the products are fully recyclable.

If you have severe allergies to the fragrance of essential oils, consult your Doctor first.

How long does Bug Bam last?

Bug Bam products will work as long as the scent continues to be strong. In most cases this will be up to 100 hours. The warmer the weather, the shorter the lifespan and the cooler the weather the longer the lifespan. Scent is released faster in heat. Storing the product in its re-sealable pack when not in use will extend the lifespan. The shelf life is 2-years if stored in a cool, dry place.

Is Bug Bam suitable for hunting? Especially animals that detect human or unusual scents?

Absolutely! Think about it. So far you’ve been using a man-made synthetic repellent, or a heated pad of chemical repellent in an effort to both keep away the bugs and ‘hope’ your intended prey doesn’t catch a whiff of it. But what is more likely to happen, is your target will pick up the ‘unusual’ synthetic scent and take off running. Remember, the animals you hunt live in the wilderness, with the scent of myriad trees, plants, bushes, flowers and the like surrounding them. And when it comes to smell, they’re smart! Don’t you think a chemical scent/odor/vapor is going to ring some alarm bells?? Bug Bam contains ONLY all natural plant scents that are strong enough to mask human scent from the incredible receptors of a Mosquito, and therefore strong enough to mask your scent from larger animals.

Oh, and before you douse yourself with the urine of your favorite prey to make yourself invisible from them (how that tradition began, we’ll never know), break out a Bug Bam (or two, or three) and give that a try first.

Smelling like a plant instead of ‘wild animal pee’ may just do the trick!

Will Bug Bam work for me?

Like any other repellent on the market, Bug Bam will work for 95% of users. This is the typical industry statistic for repellents (even those with DEET). The 5% accounts for people who have a body chemistry that makes them irresistible to bugs no matter what repellent they try. If you’re one who finds that even DEET won’t work for you, then Bug Bam probably won’t help.

What if Bug Bam DOES work for me, but the mosquitoes are particularly bad at times?

If you happen to be in an area that often has a heavy mosquito presence, try using 2 x wristbands or 2 x Grids instead of one. This generally does the trick. Just like applying more spray, but safer, cleaner and better for the environment!